Last Updated on June 14, 2021 by Jake Sheridan

A (growing) collection of useful spreadsheet resources for marketers who like Google Sheets a bit too much.

Spreadsheet Resources for Marketers

Here you will find a list of useful resources for taking your Google Sheets skills even further. From actionable courses to learn EVERYTHING about Google Sheets to pre-made spreadsheet templates and scripts you can modify or use as is.

Check out the resources below 🔥

Ben Collins

From building dashboards, getting to grip with pivot tables, data analysis in Google Sheets and EXTREME formulas, Ben Collins is who you want to learn from. When it comes to Google Sheets, he is a certified wizard.

Check out the course bundle.

Aleyda Solis

When it comes to SEO consultants who create useful Google Sheets templates to help with marketing work, no one creates as much useful stuff as Aleyda. She’s a sheet building SEO machine!

Some Google Sheets highlights to help with SEO tasks:

Keywords in Sheets

Keywords in Sheets is an awesome (and growing) collection of Google Sheets templates by Andrew Charlton that use custom scripts to get various SEO tasks done.

David Krevitt

David builds some impressive tools in Google Sheets for Coding is for Losers + The Blueprint Training, things like: