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Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by Jake Sheridan

Want to automate keyword position monitoring and reporting? Try using these rank tracking APIs.

14 Rank Tracking APIs to Track Your Keywords

Some SEOs don’t bother with tracking keywords, dismissing it as a throwback to when Google was all about the keywords.

Times have changed, but tracking your keyword positions is still worthwhile. It’s important to understand where your website (and its keywords) ranks in the SERPs, and whether things are moving in the right direction.

Using a rank tracking API allows you to skip signing into a tool and instead let’s you pipe data straight into a Google Sheet or database of choice.

Check out these rank tracking APIs (+ documentation):

SEMRush Position Tracking API

SEMRush provides a position tracking API for getting daily updates on a domain and its competitors’ keyword rankings.

It also syncs up with Data Studio for automated reporting.

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AccuRanker provides a REST API to retrieve metrics from your account, including data from all major search engines, desktop/mobile/local results + competitor URLs.

API access is dependant on what plan you currently have. Accuranker also syncs up with Data Studio for automated reporting.

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GeoRanker Rank Tracker API

GeoRanker provides a rank tracker API that is perfect for local SEO. It checks local rankings in any location in raw-HTML or parsed-JSON format.

The API checks local keyword rankings for Google, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Baidu, Naver and other search engines.

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Nightwatch provides API access on request for tracking SEO performance like, rank tracking, backlink monitoring and site auditing.

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RankTrackr provides API access to manage ranking data using their REST API.

Track rankings in an area of your choice (by city, zip code, region or country) + get search volume and Adwords data.

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Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger provides a rank tracker API to quickly get rank stats, average rank, market reach, top 50 or top 100 rank and other metrics.

Powered by big data, this API allows you to monitor, analyze and improve your rankings. A simple API Console is also provided for constructing API requests for testing and implementation.

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DataForSEO Rank Tracker API

DataForSEO offers a Rank Tracker API for finding rankings of a website in the SERPs of the different search engines.

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Keyword (SerpBook)

Keyword/SerpBook provides a simple API to integrate our ranking data into your applications. API calls are made by sending a HTTP GET request.

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Authority Labs Rank Tracking

Authority Labs provides an API to automate keyword monitoring, track local, mobile, and competitor rankings as well as discover SERP feature opportunities

The API allows you to pull raw search results; queue up a keyword, search engine and location combination, and return the top 100 results in JSON format.

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SERPWOO provides a REST API to track the top 20, 30, and 100 Google search results.

This rank tracker has loads of features like SERP and ORM analysis, GPS coordinates (for local SEO tracking), third party data feeds (Alexa + social signals), SERP alerts and LOTS more.

You can also use SERPWoo’s API in Google Sheets + Google Data Studio for rank tracking, SERP monitoring, and more.

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SheerSEO Rank API

SheerSEO is an API for rank tracking across multiple countries.

You can track your site’s positions in Google and Bing (+ local geo results & mobile/desktop rankings), track top 3 local results and get rankings from over 40 countries

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Authoritas provides a SERPs and keyword ranking API to gather data from Google. The API tracks the position of keywords from position 1 to 100.

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Seobility Rank Tracking API

Seobility Rank Tracking API gives you ranking data for your keywords including: Local results (country, region), Desktop/mobile search and daily new rankings.

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Keyword.com Rank Tracker API

Keyword.com provides a rank tracking API to interact with your account to fetch keyword rankings data. You have full ability to add and delete keywords.

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Advanced rank tracking for marketers

Think I’ve missed a rank tracker API? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

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