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Last Updated on June 15, 2021 by Jake Sheridan

Want to automate link building by speeding up prospecting and link analysis? Try using these Backlink APIs.

8 Backlink APIs to Automate Link Building

For many, automating link building is the dream.

Unfortunately, there is no push button solution for building good links. But you can speed up parts of the process using APIs to automate some the data gathering.

A backlinks API allows you to quickly get a list of a website’s backlinks, details of the referring pages like anchor and page title and other page metrics. This is the closest you can get to automating building backlinks (for now).

Check out these backlink APIs (+ documentation):


Ahrefs is my go-to-tool for backlink analysis. Their API is designed to let you get data at scale from the Ahrefs Index. Although pricey, there’s nothing that really matches this data.

You can use this API to get backlinks data for client or in-house work or provide Ahrefs data in your SEO application or service.

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Serpstat Backlinks Analysis

Serpstat is a great little tool for backlink & competitor analysis and provides a robust API.

With the Backlinks Analysis API you can parse referring pages, anchors, and landing pages not only in the Serpstat interface but also through the API and receive reports in JSON format.

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Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides loads of data through their API to help with link building, like backlink counts, Topical Trust Flow, Referring domains, Referring IPs and more.

Use the Majestic API to build internal tools or request commercial licensing.

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SEMrush Backlinks API

SEMrush provides link data through their backlinks API and lists backlinks for a domain, root domain, or URL.

Once you get your API key, you can start integrating with SEMrush API to automate data analysis without having to sign into the user interface.

You can also integrate SEMrush with Data Studio and Supermetrics to automate reporting.

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Moz (Mozscape) API gives you metrics like DA & PA and link data to help to scale analysis

Use the Moz API to quickly understand the potential of a domain (using domain authority), count linking root domains, URL anchor texts, followed vs no-followed links and more.

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CognitiveSEO API is for agencies, webmasters and developers who want to integrate cognitiveSEO data into their own tools, external dashboards or workflows.

The API can be used to process data like: link analysis, live/lost links, keyword rank tracking and social visibility data.

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SE Ranking Backlink API

SE Ranking Backlink API can be used to manage large or complex accounts and create complex reports for analysis.

The API provides backlink statistics (IP, anchors, dofollow/nofollow etc) and allows you to get a list of a website’s backlinks.

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Whilst technically not a backlink API, the Hunter API is a great way to quickly find and verify email addresses for outreach. Requests can be made using simple API calls integrated in wherever you choose.

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Advanced link building for marketers

Think I’ve missed a backlinks API? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

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