100+ Marketing APIs to Get MORE Done

A collection of over  100 marketing APIs  for SEO, marketing, PPC and more.

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100+ Useful APIs for Data Driven Marketers

Want to automate some marketing & SEO tasks? You need to check out these digital marketing APIs to get more done, in less time.

Marketers love tools.

We like using them (sometimes), we like reading about them, we like dreaming up tool ideas that don’t exist and we like bitching about them on Twitter.

However, sometimes tools are not the best thing to use. Logging in and using a software interface is so medieval.

Enter: marketing APIs.

If you are a data-driven marketer (or want to be one) APIs are your gateway drug.

Sheets for Marketers’ Hand-Picked Marketing APIs…

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Think I’ve missed an API? Or maybe you’ve built something yourself that isn’t on the list? Just let me know and I’ll add it. Enjoy.

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WTF is an API?

An API (application programming interface) is a way to access a tools data and pull it into a database (or spreadsheet) without logging in to that tool.

Using an API is like going through an information middleman. APIs allow an application to extract information from a piece of software and then use that information. Cheers imaginary information middleman.

Why are APIs important?

Using a marketing API is like outsourcing data gathering to a robot.

The API does all of the work (with it’s robot brain), so you can spend more time doing marketing stuff (with your human brain).

Some other benefits include:

  • Save money – hiring a team of marketers to gather and process data isn’t cheap. Automating with APIs is (or at least can be).
  • It’s faster – sorry humans, the machines work faster than us with this type fo data heavy work.
  • Less effort – let’s be realistic, no one enjoys clicking into tools, setting date ranges, exporting and cleaning up spreadsheets (well okay, maybe a bit).
  • It’s scalable – the great thig for me is setting up a repeatable process once, and then running through it multiple times.

Want to wrangle APIs in a spreadsheet?

Using Apipheny you can import JSON API data in Google Sheets in 3 easy steps. Connect an API with Google Sheets. Make GET and POST requests, without writing any code.