How To Unhide Rows in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are useful to help you view, display, and examine information in a variety of ways. However, you may have times where you do not want to see some of your data in the spreadsheet. If you are using Google Sheets and need to temporarily hide some of your data there is a nifty trick you can use. You can hide rows in Google Sheets.


Wait a minute! If you hide your rows will you be able to get them back? Yes, you will. When you hide rows you never do it permanently. You will always be able to get your rows and the data within back unless you delete the rows instead of hiding them.


Why Would I need to Hide Rows?

Sometimes your sheet is so large that to view your data you need to scroll up and down over and over. It can be hard to view your data like this. You can forget what you are looking at or have a hard time making a proper analysis of the data. This is where hiding rows may come in handy. You can hide the rows you do not need and reduce the amount of scrolling you need to do.


Other times you may want to make an analysis of data but remove some of the data you already have on your sheet. For example, if you are analyzing the performance of some salesmen but recently hired two new people you may want to do your analysis without their information showing. You can then hide the rows containing the sales information of the new employees while keeping the other salesmen’s information visible.


Once you are done viewing the information and doing your analysis you can unhide the rows and put your sheet back to normal.


How to Unhide Rows in Google Sheets

When you are ready to unhide rows it is easy to make them visible again.


  1. When you hide rows arrows will appear in the grey number column, which is to the very far left of the sheet.
  2. Find the arrows in the numbered column above and below the hidden rows.
  3. Hover your cursor over one of the arrows.
  4. Your cursor will change to an arrow bar.
  5. Click one of the arrows. The hidden rows will immediately appear right where they were before. None of your information will be missing.


If someone else sent you the Google Sheet and you still find information is missing you can see if there is a filter on the sheet.


Removing a Filter

Sometimes another person sends you a sheet and even though you have unhidden all of the rows you still find information missing. Sometimes the missing information can be due to a filter placed on the sheet.


If there is a filter in place there will be a dark grey bar above the column headings. Click the X in the far right corner of the bar. This will remove the filter and should make all the data appear in the sheet.


Sometimes you need to hide rows to help view data or make a different analysis. Once you hide to rows you can easily unhide them so you can view or edit the data within the hidden rows.