How To Insert Image In Google Sheets

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Jake Sheridan

In this tutorial, you will learn how to insert image in Google Sheets.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to insert images into Google Sheets. For example, you might want to insert a company logo, informational charts and graphics, or decorative images to improve the look of your spreadsheet. Whatever the reason, Google Sheets makes it quick and easy to insert images in a couple different ways. Read on to learn how.

Menu Option Method

The menu option method of inserting images can be used for any image, whether that image is stored on your computer or on the internet. This method creates a copy of the image stored in the spreadsheet so you don’t have to worry about images stored on the internet disappearing in the future

Images inserted using this method can be inserted into cells or as floating elements above the cells. The following steps outline both approaches

Step 1

Select a cell to specify image placement. In-cell images will go in this cell, while floating images will appear with the upper left corner over it but can easily be moved after insertion

Step 2

Open the Insert menu and hover over Insert Image, then choose an option

Step 3

In the Insert Image window, you have a number of options to source images from. For images on your computer harddrive, use the Upload tab then click Browse and navigate to the desired image and select it to upload

Step 4

If you select Image in Cell, the image will be inserted in the cell, scaled to fit the size of the cell

Step 5

Resize the cell row height and column width to enlarge the image

Step 6

If you select Image Over Cells, the image will appear floating over the cells

Step 7

Floating images can be dragged and dropped to move them, or resized using the square drag handles in the corners of the image

Formula Method

The menu option method described above works in many cases, but sometimes you’ll want to insert an image in such a way that it can be updated without repeating the above steps. For example, you might want to insert an image file stored on the web

Here’s how here’s how to insert images using the formula method

Step 1

This method requires the image URL. Navigate to the image you want to insert and copy the URL from the URL bar of your browser

Step 2

Paste the URL into a spreadsheet cell for easy reference

Step 3

Click on the cell you want to insert the image into and type the following formula: “=IMAGE(H4, 1)”, where H4 is the URL cell and 1 is a setting that specifies the image will fit to the cell size, maintaining aspect ratio

Step 4

The following image show the other scaling options you can use to specify image size


Example Spreadsheet: Make a copy of the example spreadsheet

In this tutorial, I covered how to insert image in Google Sheets. Want more? Check out all the Google Sheets Tutorials.