How To Hide Columns in Google Sheets

Sometimes, you might need to hide a column or two in Google Sheets. It might be because it’s not useful anymore, or maybe you want to temporarily get rid of it while you’re working on a project.

Whatever the reason, hiding the column will make your document look neat, getting rid of any extra lines that might be showing. This can also help to reduce data entry errors. So, how do you hide these columns on Google Sheets?

Understanding Google Sheets

Google Sheets itself can be used to store data in a tabular form, plot graphs, or perform other clerical activities. To store this data, you have to make use of the rows and columns in the Google Sheet. It supports all cell formulas that are usually found in Microsoft spreadsheets and can also be used to create formulas that will be used to manipulate, analyze, or calculate data.

How to Hide Columns In Google Sheets

When you open a new Google Sheet, the sheet usually has twenty-six (26) columns, which are normally labeled A to Z, and one thousand (1,000) rows numbered 1 to 1,000. All these give a total of twenty-six thousand (26,000) cells. It is possible to hide columns or rows as deemed fit by you.

How to hide columns on desktop

First, you’ll need to open a new Google Sheet on your desktop. Then, you will now decide to hide either a single column or a group of columns according to the quantities of data that you want to enter into the Google Sheet.

To hide a single column, you have to right-click on that particular column letter, and from the menu that pops up, click on Hide Column. And if you want to hide more than one column, you have to select a range of specific columns.

To select a range of columns, you have to select a cell and then tap on the shift button on your system to select as many columns as you want. Then, right-click for a menu that contains Hide Columns to pop up, and you can choose that option. This will hide all the columns selected.

How to hide columns on Android, iPhone, or iPad

For this step, you can open the App by tapping on the Google Sheet App on your device. Then select the column or columns you want to hide. To select more than one column, you have to tap the blue dot that is usually located in the center of the screen. Drag it to select additional columns. Just lift up your finger after all the desired columns you need hidden have been selected.

After that, tap anywhere in the selected area that is shaded, and options such as cut, copy, etc. will show up. On your iOS device, you will continue to click on the arrow that shows up as part of the option until the Hide option is shown. Then tap the Hide option to hide the selected columns. On your Android device, you have to tap on the three (3) dots for an additional menu to show up, then tap on Hide to cover all the columns selected.

Now you’ve learned how to hide columns from Google Sheets, and you can hide as many columns as you want to make your work look more presentable. This will help improve your efficiency and make your document easier to read.