How to Filter by Color in Google Sheets

Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by Jake Sheridan

In this tutorial, you will learn how to filter by color in Google Sheets.

How to Filter by Color in Google Sheets

If you have a lot of data to parse through, it is undoubtedly helpful to filter and sort your data to get a better view of your dataset.

While most users are aware of filtering by values or certain conditions, Google Sheets allows you to sort and filter a range by color.

You may not have heard of this feature since it was only introduced in early 2020.

Google Sheets can filter and sort cells by either text color or fill color.

Sorting cells by color will move matching colors to the top of the range.

These features should make it even easier for you to navigate large sheets that have color-coded fields.

How To Filter Cells by Color in Google Sheets

Here’s how to filter a cell range by color in Google Sheets:

Step 1

Select the range you would like to sort or filter by color.

In this example, we will select the range B2:C9 and try to filter our results using the fill color of the value in column B.

Step 2

Next, head over to the Data menu and select the ‘Create a filter’ option.

Step 3

The selected range should now have a filter icon to the right of each header cell.

Click on the Filter icon of your chosen column’s header.

Step 4

We’ll first try to sort our values by color.

Sorting the values by a certain color will move entries with that color to the top of the range.

Step 5

Sorting by the color ‘light yellow’ will move all light yellow colored cells under Type to the top of the range.

This same logic also works for sorting by text color.

Step 6

Select the ‘Filter by color’ option to filter your range by either fill color or text color.

Step 7

In this example, we were able to filter the range to only show cells colored yellow.

The filter option also works with text color if your field is color-coded by text color instead.

If you would like to remove the filter, head to the Data menu and select the ‘Remove filter’ option.


This guide should be useful for users who want to filter by color in Google Sheets.

You may make a copy of this example spreadsheet to test out the filter options yourself.