How To Do Roman Numerals On Google Docs

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by Jake Sheridan

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do Roman numerals on Google Docs.

How To Do Roman Numerals On Google Docs

Roman numerals can be a great way to enumerate items in Google Docs. Whether you’re writing an academic paper or a formal letter, adding Roman numerals can help you create a more professional look. Roman numerals are also commonly used as page numbers to indicate pages that come before the actual start of the book proper.

While you can certainly write down Roman numerals by typing out the individual characters, Google Docs offers other methods to write down Roman numerals like ‘IV’ and ‘VII’.

In this guide, we will show you how to add Roman numerals on Google Docs. We will explain how to add them as special characters and as numerals for numbered lists.

How to Add Roman Numerals in Google Docs

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to add Roman numerals in Google Docs.

Step 1

First, open the Google Docs document where you want to insert Roman numerals.

Step 2

In the Insert menu, click on the Special characters option. The Special characters feature allows you to search through thousands of different characters that you will not be able to type with your keyboard.

Step 3

Type the word “roman” in the provided search bar. You will see multiple Roman numeral characters that you can add to your document.

Click on any of these options to insert them directly into your document.

Step 4

Another way we can add Roman numerals to a document is through the numbered list option.

First, select the text you want to add sequential Roman numerals to.

Step 5

In the toolbar, click on the dropdown arrow for numbered lists and select the option with Roman numerals.

Step 6

Your selected text should now be numbered with Roman numerals.


This guide should be everything you need to learn how to add Roman numerals on Google Docs.

Click this link to make a copy of this sample document to try doing it yourself!