How To Change Currency in Google Sheets

Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by Jake Sheridan

Google Sheets offers many functions and solutions for users who need to organize information. Often an alternative to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets can be a valuable tool because it works within the Google cloud system (Google Drive), and therefore doesn’t need to be saved to your computer’s hard drive, freeing up space for other things on your disk.

Google Sheets is especially useful for those who need to keep track of numbers or do calculations with figures. Many utilize it in particular to keep balance sheets, create financial projections, and more. But what happens if you need to work with a different currency than usual? Or if the type of currency symbol you need is not the one already set to default?

Changing the currency in Google Sheets is a fairly simple and straightforward task. In order to apply a custom currency to your spreadsheet, choose with which device you plan to make this change, and refer to those particular steps.


On a laptop/desktop computer:

1. If you don’t already have a spreadsheet open, open a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets:

2. Select which cells of data you would like to modify the currency for by highlighting them.

3. Click on “Format” in the top horizontal menu, then go to “Number”. At the very bottom of that menu go to “More Formats”. Then click on “More currencies”.

4. From here a box will pop up with a list of different currencies in alphabetical order according to country. You can either search for which currency you want by scrolling through the list, or you can type it into the search box.

5. Click on the type of currency and then hit “Apply”. The new currency will now be applied to your selected data.

If you want to change the currency for every cell in the spreadsheet and not just certain ones, in order to easily highlight/select all cells at once, press Command + A if you have a Mac, and Control + A if you have a PC. Then go through the steps detailed above.

Once you have utilized a new type of currency, that type of currency will be saved in the Format/Number menu for easier access. You can see this by going once more to “Format”, hovering over “Number”, and then at the bottom you will see your new currency. Now it can be selected more quickly if you need it at a future time.


On an iPhone, Android, or iPad:

On a mobile phone or tablet, the default currency is set based on your locale. If you want a different currency you will need to follow these steps to change it.

1. Open a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets app.

2. Tap (or tap and drag for multiple cells) to select which data you would like to modify.

3. Tap the Format icon- this is at the top with a letter A and lines). Tap “Cell” > “Number Format”.

4. From there, scroll down until you see “More currency formats”. Choose the type of new currency you want. Once you click it, it will automatically be applied to the selected cells.