Technical SEO Audit Templates

Last Updated on October 31, 2022 by Jake Sheridan

Get a handle on any technical SEO issues using Sheets.

Google Sheets Technical SEO Templates

Technical SEO is quite a broad term. But basically its aim is to improve crawling and indexing. You could spend time manually checking indexation issues, performance and generating code, or you could just use some of these technical seo tools.

Checkout these Google Sheets Technical SEO Templates:

Internal Link Analysis

A Google Sheets template for quickly finding internal link opportunities. This automated spreadsheet uses GSC, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog data to analyse how link equity is spread across your website.

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Google Indexation Tester

Does what it says on the tin: check which pages in a sitemap have been indexed by Google. It’s very easy to use, but incredibly helpful.

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Simple 301 Redirect Generator

Use this sheet to generate and manage simple redirect rules. Simply choose a destination, add in the URLs to redirect, specify a new page path and add the redirects to your .htaccess file.

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Bulk HTTP Status Code Tool

This Google Sheets template allows you to paste in up to 6000 URLs and get the HTTP status codes for all of them in bulk.

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Structured Data & Sitelinks Builder

Create organization schema microdata and sitelink microdata with this sheets template. Place the code within your homepage’s HTML organization Schema to help enhace SERP features.

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hreflang Generator

This generator creates error-free hreflang tags for your website. It also keeps a list of all accepted language and region codes, so you don’t accidentally use the wrong language or region code and mess up your rankings.

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Bulk AMP Validator

Check AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) validation in bulk right in Google Sheets. You can even schedule daily, weekly or monthly updates with email notifications.

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Website Uptime Monitor

Use this tool to monitor your website’s hourly uptime/availability and keep tabs on up to 25 URLs.

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Redirectinator [Redirect Monitoring]

This Google Sheets tool helps you to keep track of legacy and current redirects. It monitors when 301 redirects are put live or if they are removed.

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Discover Lost URLs

A Google Spreadsheet that uses the Wayback Machine API to discover lost URLs and then regain some of that lost SEO value.

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The Cruft Finder SEO Tool

The Cruft Finder helps marketers find and remove unnecessary, bloated and potentially harmful content from Google’s index.

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Head Exam (HTTP Header Checker)

This tool bulk checks HTTP headers from a list of URLs so you can audit a whole site for SEO factors.

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Speed Demon [Page Speed Tester]

This tool/Sheet/demon monitors your website’s speed by calling Webpagetest weekly, gathering metrics, and alerting you when something’s too slow. Nice.

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Sitemap Restructure Sheet

Use this sheet (+ Slack) to get better search rankings, click-through rates, and an overall competitive advantage through restructuring your sitemap.

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SEOcheck (Monitor Website Changes)

A Free SEO Tool by Mert Ural to monitor website changes all within a Google Spreadsheet. It checks for important SEO changes like Page Title, H1, Description, Canonical and robots.txt on your website’s pages (or your or client’s).

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Change Detection Sheet (w/ Screaming Frog)

A useful Google Sheet that detects webites changes for you based on two Screaming Frog crawls.

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Internal Linking Sheet

A useful spreadsheet to help people create a reverse silo for internal linking.

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Automated Page Speed Insights

This sheet (+ a free Google API key & URL list) automatically generates a pagespeed insights report. Useful for getting individual page speed performance metrics to understand how efficiently your site is running.

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301 Redirects Template

Use 301 redirects to protect hardly gained positions in search results and don’t let visitors find your certainly awesome 404 page. This straightforward 301 generator helps you manage simple redirect rules in one spreadsheet.’

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Technical SEO Audit (for humans)

If you’re the one doing the audit, you want to get it done as quickly as possible. Take advantage of the structure of the sheet to group things’

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Technical SEO Sheets for Marketers 🔥

Think I’ve missed a Google Sheets Technical SEO Template? Or maybe you’ve built something yourself that isn’t on the list? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

‼️ I did not make these templates, I only collected them & presented them here. The creators are the ones linked to. Again, I do not own (or claim to) any of these sheets.‼️

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