Web Scraping Templates

Last Updated on October 31, 2022 by Jake Sheridan

Want to quickly scrape the SERPs, eCommerce data and other elements? Try these templates for web scraping with Google Sheets.

Scraping gets a bad name in white hat SEO. But Googles the biggest scraper there is. When used correctly, scrapers can be massive time savers.

Google Sheets Scraping Templates

Checkout these Google Sheets Scraping Templates:

Web Scraper

A simple web scraper built in Google Sheets to scrape web pages directly in sheets (instead of using web scraping tools). Useful for a smaller set of URLs.

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Google Search Scraper

Easily scrape Google search results pages and save the keyword ranking data inside this sheet using the ImportXML formula. Useful for monitoring organic rankings, keeping tabs on competing websites or exporting for further analysis.

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Wikipedia and Wikidata Tool

This Google Sheets template acts as a simple data mining tool that extracts data from Wikipedia and Wikidata.

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Scraping Sheets for Marketers 🔥

Think I’ve missed a Google Sheets Scraping Template? Or maybe you’ve built something yourself that isn’t on the list? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

‼️ I did not make these templates, I only collected them & presented them here. The creators are the ones linked to. Again, I do not own (or claim to) any of these sheets.‼️

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