Paid Search + PPC Templates

Need to stay on top of paid search performance? Try these PPC reporting templates and dashboards built in Google Sheets to help.

Google Sheets Paid Search Templates

Running paid search campaigns, being it Adwords, Facebook Ads or other networks need to be monitored, actioned and reported on. Sounds like a lot of clicking to me. Too much clicking.

Checkout these Google Sheets Paid Search Templates:

PPC Command Center

An AdWords dashboard in Google Sheets to help with aggregation and visualization of performance data so you can understand what’s going on with your campaigns.

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PPC Calculator

This PPC calculator can be used to focus on a complete programme, a single campaign, a single ad group, or a single keyword.

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PPC Cluster Worksheet

This PPC Cluster worksheet (Excel Spreadsheet) allows you to compare the performance of keyword clusters.

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PPC Planning Template for Ads

You can use this Google Sheets PPC Planning Template to aid in your media planning. All you have to do is connect your marketing sources and get started.

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Adwords Ad Planner

The Adwords Ad Planning spreadsheet assists you in planning your Adwords campaigns.

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Bulk Ad Performance Checker

This bulk ad performance checker monitors the effectiveness of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads budgets.

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Detailed Paid Channel Mix Reporting

Compare your paid channel stats across ad networks and perform a complete analysis based on the information.

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Detailed Paid Channel Mix Report (with Yandex)

Analyze data from numerous advertising networks, including Yandex.Direct, to better understand your campaign.

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E-commerce Performance Dashboard

To get a better idea of your online store’s success, combine data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics using this template.

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Facebook Ads High-Level Monthly Report

With this high-level reporting template, you can see how your Facebook ads have performed over time.

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Google Ads & Organic Keyword Performance Report

Compare the paid and organic traffic performance of your most critical keywords.

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Google Ads Ad Label Testing Tool

With this useful template, you can speed up the testing of your Google Ads copy.

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Google Ads Budget Tracker

With this budget tracker, you can make sure your Google Ads accounts aren’t overpaying or underspending.

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Google Ads Campaign Budget Tracker

Make sure your clients’ Google Ads accounts aren’t overspending or underspending.

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Google Ads Copy Edit Tool

Simplify the process of editing your Google Ads across several ad groups at the same time.

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Google Ads High-Level Monthly Performance Report

This template gets key data, such as MoM movements and 12-month trend lines, to provide an overview of your Google Ads account’s success.

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Google Ads Historical Quality Score Analysis Template

Determine which of your Google Ads keywords have low quality ratings and how you can fix them quickly.

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Google Ads In-Depth Performance Report

Get a complete picture of your Google Ads account’s performance.

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Google Ads Keyword Heatmap Analysis Template

With this visual heatmap tool, you can quickly examine the success of your Google Ads keywords.

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Google Ads Monthly Performance Report

Report on the results of your Google Ads campaigns to your clients or internal stakeholders.

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Google AdSense & Google Analytics Report

Determine which traffic sources generate AdSense revenue quickly with this Adsense/Analytics template.

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Google AdSense Reporting Template

Analyze the performance of your AdSense account by channel, ad format, URL, and targeting type.

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Bing Ads Client Budget Tracker

This template will help you keep track of your clients’ Bing Ads spending by highlighting the accounts that require your attention.

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Bing Ads High-Level Monthly Report

Give clients or internal stakeholders a fast summary of your Microsoft Advertising account’s success.

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Paid Social Performance Dashboard

Compare your current CPM to the optimal CPM to see whether there’s potential for improvement.

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Paid Search Sheets for Marketers 🔥

Think I’ve missed a Google Sheets Paid Search Template? Or maybe you’ve built something yourself that isn’t on the list? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

‼️ I did not make these templates, I only collected them & presented them here. The creators are the ones linked to. Again, I do not own (or claim to) any of these sheets.‼️

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