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Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Jake Sheridan

Want to create Google Analytics reports, dashboards + other custom data tools in no time? Try using these Google Sheets templates.

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t lie.

Google Analytics is such a big part of digital marketing, without website data to back up what you are saying, you are working in the dark. And no one wants that.

Wrangling data in Google Analytics is a day to day task for many marketers. But it’s not the most usable interface.

You can actually pull that same analytics data into a spreadsheet and play with it any way you want with filtering, custom graphs, mixing with other sources or pushing to a fancy Data Studio report.

The point is: Google Sheets makes playing with Google Analytics data easy.

Google Sheets Analytics Templates

Below you’ll find loads of useful spreadsheet templates from auditing your GA data, event tracking code generators, UTM tagging, heatmaps and more.

Check out these free Google Sheets analytics templates, reports and generators to make your life a bit easier (and a lot faster):

Automated Google Analytics Audit

This automated Google Sheets template pulls in GA data (+ a Screaming Frog export) and analyses a Google Analytics setup. It does 12 checks and assigns a simple pass or fail to each (+ instructions on how to fix any issues). Nice.

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Conversion Funnel Analytics

This sheet helps you to get a handle on your funnel conversion performance. It pulls in Google Analytics data and automatically calculates metrics like visit-to-purchase conversion rate, average order size, and more.

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GA Conversion Indexation Analysis

The GA conversion indexation analysis recipe uses the Agency Data Pipeline stack (Stitch, BigQuery, DBT) to pick channels / landing pages on your site that are over or underperforming. Nice.

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UTM Tagging

Building UTM parameters can be annoying and time-consuming… Until now! This simple tool helps to build UTM parameters easily in order to track your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics Event Tracking Generator

Google Analytics event tracking is a useful feature for tracking visitor interactions with your website that would not be normally tracked. Use this sheet to generate your event tracking codes (and keep track of event tracking in GA).

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Google Analytics Heatmap

Want to heatmap specific metrics in order to identify growing or hot trends over time? This sheet pulls in your Google Analytics data and then displays traffic heatmaps so you can easily see peaks and troughs.

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User Acquisition Heatmap Dashboard

Use this heatmap dashboard to easily identify web traffic patterns on your site like which month, day of the week, or time of day gets the most (or least) amount of traffic/conversions. Nice 🔥

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UTM Builder Template

A UTM builder with a bunch of functionality for teams like customizable dropdowns that allow you to keep standardized naming conventions and functionality to automatically append a date code to each tracking URL (super useful when using UTM URLs for paid campaigns).

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SEO Analytics Dashboard

This custom dashboard uses the Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets to easily analyse what’s causing organic traffic to decline.

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Analytics Tracking Plan (BigQuery)

This reporting template uses Google Analytics to investigate your site’s overall acquisition efficiency. It assesses your site’s overall success in converting users into consumers, page by page and channel by channel.

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GA Conversion Index Tracking Plan

Using your Google Analytics data, this pipeline recipe answers one basic question: Which marketing channel(s) should we be focused on?’

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E-commerce reporting template

With this e-commerce reporting template, you can keep track of the performance of your online store.

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Post-click analysis template

Check if your ad spend is generating a positive ROI and how your sponsored ads are performing (in comparison to other channels).

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Website cohort analysis template

Analyze your revenue by cohort, segment retention, and historical retention trends & patterns.

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Website performance by country reporting template

Keep track of which countries are responsible for the majority of your site’s traffic, conversions, and other metrics.

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Website performance by US state reporting template

With this handy template, you can quickly discover which states are responsible for the majority of your traffic and conversions.

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Website traffic by device & source reporting template

Get a quick review into your website’s traffic by source, device, keywords, and more.

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Website traffic dashboard template

Keep track of your most important website metrics, such as segmentation, top traffic sources, and traffic split by medium and month.

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Website traffic heatmap template

With this dynamic heatmap template, you get an hourly breakdown of the most important website analytics.

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Website traffic source bubble chart template

Check out this bubble chart template for a visual representation of your website’s main traffic sources.

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Year-on-year website performance reporting template

Compare the performance of your website in terms of traffic and conversions to the previous year.

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Analytics Sheets for Marketers 🔥

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