7 Google Sheets Add-ons for SEO

Last Updated on January 15, 2021 by Jake Sheridan

Less is more when it comes to Google Sheets add-ons. Here are five of the best for SEO & marketing.

It’s no secret that I love Google Sheets. As powerful and useful as they can be though, by using some add-ons, you can make your SEO spreadsheets even better.

I could of made this into a massive list of every Google Sheets add-on that’s vaguely linked to SEO. But that’s not that useful. Also, I only realistically use a handful of them.

Installing these add-ons can help automate marketing tasks like grabbing analytics data, keyword data, organic click-through-rates, SEO reporting and even sentiment analysis.

Getting Started with Add-ons

How to install google sheets add ons:

  • Open up your spreadsheet.
  • Click Add-ons >>> Get add-ons.
  • Now you can browse the available add-ons
  • To install the add-on, click the ‘+ Free’ button.
  • For most add-ons, a message will appear requesting access to data that the add-on needs to work.

Google Sheets Add-ons

Here’s a run down of the some of best spreadsheet add-ons for SEO:

1. The Blueprint Training Sheets Add-on

This project management add-on helps automate all Blueprint Training templates without ever leaving Google Sheets. Just by launching the sidebar, you can:

  • add new team members
  • add new clients
  • open dedicated folders
  • import site crawls
  • connect Google Analytics
  • and loads more!

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2. Google Analytics for Sheets

Using google Analytics for Sheets, you can access all of your analytics data without ever leaving your spreadsheet.

The Google Analytics API (+ data manipulation in Google Sheets), let’s you:

  • Query data from multiple views/profiles
  • Create custom calculations from report data.
  • Create dashboards (with data visualizations)
  • Schedule reports to run automatically
  • Easily control who can see data with sheet’s sharing and privacy features.

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3. Search Analytics for Sheets

This is one of my favourite add-ons. It lets you grab Search Console data and puts right in your Google Sheet. It’s a massive time saver. There is no limit on how much data can be pulled with this add-on (other than Sheets limit of 2 million cells per spreadsheet).

Here’s some of the things Search Analytics for Sheets can do right out the box:

  • Get query, page, clicks, impressions, CTR and average position data
  • Grouping and filtering data (by Query, Page, Country and Device)
  • Automatic data backups (daily or monthly)

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4. Supermetrics

Supermetrics turns your spreadsheet into a supercharged reporting system by connecting to over 50 different data sources.

Here’s some of the things it can do:

  • Get metrics from multiple sources like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and more.
  • Automatically refresh reports or by a click of a button.
  • Create professional reports using pre-made templates
  • Schedule automatic emailing (in PDF, Excel, CSV or HTML formats)

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5. Monkey Learn

MonkeyLearn is an AI add-on that analyze texts using Machine Learning. Use it to turn emails, support tickets, chats, social media, surveys and documents into actionable data. It can classify texts by topic, sentiment, and intent or extract specific data such as keywords, names, and companies.

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6. Hunter

Hunter is a simple but effective sheets add-on. It find email addresses inside your spreadsheet.

Just create an account you you’ll get 100 free searches/month and can upgrade your account for more.

There’s two main modes of Hunter:

  • Domain Search – Enter a domain name to find all the email addresses that have public sources. All email addresses are returned with confidence scores that estimate their accuracy.
  • Email Finder – Select the columns of the first names, last names and company names to automatically enrich the spreadsheet with email addresses and their confidence scores.

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7. Q + A (Google My Business)

This add on (by Agency Automators) allows you to create, manage and delete Question and Answers via the Google My Business API inside a Google Sheet.

It’s got a couple of useful functions:

  • It allows you to easily preload questions and answers to Google My Business (GMB) locations using the GMB API.
  • You can address any issues and concerns your target audience has brought up, answer them, and convert more leads into customers.
  • You can quickly edit answers to questions.
  • You can delete any questions/answers that you’ve added to a location.

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Honourable Mentions

  • Majestic
  • Yet Another Mail Merge
  • Power Tools
  • Remove Duplicates
  • AppSheet
  • Sheetgo
  • Twitter Archiver
  • Wikipedia and Wikidata Tools
  • Big Analytics Data
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Mapping Sheets
  • Blockspring

Google Sheets Add-ons + SEO = 📈

All of these add-ons (along with Sheets overall usefulness) make for a useful tool to have for everyday SEO work.

Don’t forget to checkout the directory of Google Sheets templates to see these add-ons in action.