How to Create New Google Sheets (with a Chrome Bookmark)

In this short guide, we’ll learn how to setup a simple Chrome bookmark to open new blank Google Sheets documents.

Hand up, who’s spent at least 3 seconds opening up a new Google Sheets document?

Well this guide is for you. 3 seconds is too long. This guide will teach you how to cut that down to about 1.7 seconds. Woah, yeah I’m being serious.

Strap in for possibly the LAZIEST Google Sheets hack…

How to Create New Google Sheets

Step 1 – Fire up Google Chrome

Open up your Chrome browser, right-click on the top bar and select Add Page:

Step 2 – Add the bookmark

Now add this bookmark to Chrome:


Give it a name like New Sheet 📈 ✨ (emojis are optional) and hit Save.

Step 3 – Save literal seconds of your life

That’s it! Now you can quickly open new sheets (+ save yourself at least 1.7 seconds of your life!)

It should look a little something like this:


It works for other products in the Google universe too (Google Docs, Forms, Slides etc):


So if you want bookmarks for all Google services handily in your browser, just update the URL bit below:


What will you do with all that time you’ve saved?