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Resources to help marketers learn how to automate their work in Google Sheets and develop the skills to become indispensable.


What is Sheets for Marketers?

Sheets for Marketers is a collection of resources to help marketers get the most from spreadsheets.

You’ll find free tools, templates and tutorials here, as well as a curated directory of the best Google Sheets templates & tools in the wild. This collection of spreadsheets is made up of the efforts of lots of clever (and generous) people from around the world.

It seems wanting to speed up tedious & boring SEO tasks is universal.

I’ve compiled them here in one place so they are easy to find, but go check out the individual makers.

Who is sad enough to spend time collecting spreadsheets?

Having a well deserved drink after a busy day spreadsheeting.

Me. I am. 👍

My name is Jake Sheridan and I founded Sheets for Marketers in early 2019 after spending some time breaking messing with spreadsheets in an attempt to automate parts of my work.

Automation can sometimes be seen as a dirty word, interchangeable with laziness.

But what’s wrong with being lazy?

I’ve been using Google Sheets for ages for things like project management, reporting, speeding up keyword research and automating dull & tedious tasks. Some say lazy, I say efficient.

For me, collecting the Sheets templates was just something I started doing on autopilot. With so many people creating templates, it was awkward navigating to each place every time you wanted to use one.

So I began copying the links and storing them in a spreadsheet. After a while, the spreadsheet grew. So I categorised them just so I could find them easier myself.

It wasn’t for a painfully long time that I realised that this would useful to other marketers. 🤦‍♀️

And then Sheets For Marketers was born: a place where laziness and results meet. It just so happens to be in a spreadsheet.

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